Using voice tech such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home, Bev Labs creates conversational experiences for companies with big things to say.

Creating Amazon Alexa & Google Home voice experiences for companies with things to say.

What Bev Labs does

Bev Labs is a voice design agency that offers Alexa skill and Google Home action design and development, along with an analytics platform for insights into voice app usage. Bev Labs helps brands, organizations, and content creators build, distribute, monetize, and track audio experiences.

Bev Labs is a preferred Amazon Alexa development partner.


Who Bev Labs is

Chuck LaPress, CTO and co-founder:

  • Award-winning chef and former restaurant owner.
  • Back-end developer and product designer obsessed with the potential of voice, natural language processing, and IoT.
  • Favorite food city: New York.

Elizabeth Barr, CEO and co-founder:

  • Ex-journalist, former restaurant widow, and current foodie.
  • Front-end developer and entrepreneur dedicated to getting consumers what they want, faster than ever. 
  • Favorite food city: Charleston, SC.

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